My daughter has been coming to lessons with Jeremiah for over a year-since she was 6. I took piano lessons as a child with the traditional method of learning and it was difficult/tedious-especially in the beginning. The simply music method is so much more intuitive to how children learn. She could immediately play songs and it keeps their interest and motivation strong. We are so impressed with the progress she is making. I wish I had learned to play this way! I was skeptical at first about group lessons, but the way the students all interact and help each other really enhances their learning. Jeremiah is an awesome teacher. Not only is he immensely talented himself, he also is an amazing teacher with loads of patience, kindness and ability to make lessons fun for everyone. He has lots of tricks up his sleeve to help the children through tough spots and inevitable frustrations. I really can’t say enough about Jeremiah, we are so pleased to have found him! – Allison Butler: Sacramento

Jeremiah Bills’ Simply Music program is fun and fast way for anyone to learn to play the piano. You or your child will have a great time while being exposed to different styles of music, and will be able to dive right into playing real songs. I took several years of classical piano lessons as a child, and was amazed at how much fun I had getting reacquainted with the piano through the Simply Music program. – Lindsay Wicks: Sacramento

I can’t say enough about Jeremiah’s talent as both a musician and teacher; he is personable, patient, kind, and incredibly gifted. I strongly recommend his program for anyone wanting to begin or continue their musical education!

“I started listening to classical music about two years ago and found myself really drawn to the piano. I decided to learn how to play the piano about four months ago and found Jeremiah while looking for piano lesson deals online. The Simply Music method that Jeremiah uses for his students makes learning how to play the piano pleasurable because I 1) saw how quickly I improve, 2) get to listen to new melodies weekly because I learn a new song every week, and, lastly, 3) get extra support and guidance from the take-home materials. He makes learning how to play the piano, a very intimidating activity, accessible and doable!” –Seng Veng: Sacramento

“Simply Music is a method I was never familiar with. After reading about the Australian method, it made total sense to me. We learn how to speak prior to learning how to read, this method teaches students how to play and memorize music prior to reading notes. The benefit to this, is it engages and captures the attention and interest of the student. My children are motivated and eager to learn new songs while keeping their old songs “alive”..continuing to practice the songs they have already learned. I have a 7 year old boy and a 6 year old girl who take a “group” lesson with Jeremiah. We are approaching our 3rd month, with once/week lessons for 30 min. and the kids are working on their 14th song. This is a long term commitment and although we are not there yet, apparently in the 2nd year they will learn to read notes. This is a fabulous method, but it is hands-on for the parent..don’t fear if you have no instrumental experience, there are CDs, DVDs, etc. to help support you. Part of this method is for the parent to help support his/her child(ren) and to be present with the kids during their lesson. This shared experience provides me with the knowledge to reinforce what was learned during the lesson. Jeremiah is an amazing teacher and I can’t say enough positive things about him! He is patient, positive, personable, funny and my kids really enjoy their lessons with him. He is a talented musician who creates a fun, engaging and positive learning environment for my kids. I highly recommend Jeremiah and the Simply Music Method. Family and friends are amazed by what my children can play in such a short amount of time and they enjoy performing for them!” – Nicki Zucker: Granite Bay

“I have 2 daughters ages 5 and 7 that really wanted to learn piano. I stumbled upon Jeremiah and the Simply Music approach and couldn’t have been more pleased. He is not only an incredible pianist, but had such patience with my daughters. Within one hour of their first lesson, they had learned a song to practice at home. We plan to return to piano lessons in the Fall and will definitely have Jeremiah as their teacher.” – Holly Fahn: East Sacramento

“My daughter is only 7 years old with no previous music knowledge. Our experience has absolutely surpassed our expectations. Recently she played in front of 100 people and brought the house down.” – Marsha Goodstein: Carmichael

“I have seen a lot of music programs over the years. Some were fun. Some were clever. Some were thorough. Here’s one that has it all. In terms of presentation, effectiveness, philosophy – you name it – there’s nothing out there that compares at all.” – Mary Pride: Publisher, Practical Homeschool Magazine

“The Simply Music program seems inherently self-motivating. Our son has learned to love the piano and his ability to create music on it has avoided the disenchantment we both experienced with having to spend weeks and months learning boring exercises which at times seemed only distantly related to music. Rather than parents and teachers having to make constant demands to practice, practice, practice, our son now has his own passion to motivate his continued learning.” – Richard & Patricia Brunner: Rocklin