Piano Lessons

About The Simply Music Method

Simply Music is the largest playing-based music education institution in the world.

Founded by Australian Educator Neil Moore, it has grown into a worldwide organization dedicated to developing innovative programs, promising a world where everyone plays.

Its widely acclaimed music teaching programs are taught by more than 700 Licensed Educators to thousands of students throughout world.

Acquiring and nurturing Music as life long companion is Simply Music’s Fundamental Goal. Its foundations for achieving results, and the goal of the method’s efforts, are directed towards the achievement of this one Fundamental Goal. Students are immersed in the act of playing pieces from their first lessons with both hands. In the same way that we learn to talk before we learn to read or write, Simply Music temporarily delays music reading and introduces a ‘playing-based’ methodology. This natural approach to learning music introduces students to an array of unique concepts that unfold directly onto the keyboard.

Simply Music Piano temporarily delays the music-reading process, focusing instead on developing a ‘hands-on’ relationship with the instrument and building playing skills through learning and playing a huge range of great-sounding pieces. Typically after a year of lessons,

when the student has built a substantial repertoire of 35-50 pieces, music reading begins to be added to his skill set.

What is ‘Playing-based’?

Each of us is deeply, profoundly musical. We see this in the way we walk down the street, the way we talk, the way we rock and sing to a baby. And just as a baby naturally learns skills like speaking before it learns to read and spell, music can be learned by harnessing our inbuilt, natural gifts.

The traditional approach in which playing music is accessed via the page has given us great treasures for centuries. Countless wonderful musicians have kept rich traditions alive and maintained music’s importance in our culture.The culture, however, has moved forward. The character of work and leisure have become more unpredictable and changeable. Creativity is valued more highly. The approaches and means of learning in many spheres are unrecognisable from even 20 years ago.Our programs view music learning via a new lens that suits the large proportion of the population who seek an all-embracing environment of creational music-making. Everything a Simply Music student learns emerges from the deep wellspring of their innate musicality. We teach students to play the piano by immersing them in the actual experience of playing, and providing a subtle balance between guidance, discovery and direct ‘hands-on’ experience. Students of our programs experience musical self-expression as a given, being guided from the very beginning to explore their own music. In the same way that when we speak we communicate naturally in the moment, Simply Music treats improvisation and composition as a natural part of what we do, from the beginning, alongside learning the compositions of others.Our world is moving from a predictive to a more creative way of operating. Music has a unique capacity to prepare us for this change. To that end, we offer a new educational platform, through an array of programs that explore playing-based music, from birth through the whole of life.

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